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Pantone ® Announces the 2014 Color of the
Year: Radiant Orchid

Posted by Katy Hart in Trendwatch | January 24, 2014

Color plays a huge role in our lives. Every color has meaning, and for centuries we have paired color with traditions and symbolism. Research has shown some of the ways our brain reacts when exposed to different colors – there is a reason McDonald’s logo is red and yellow (this color combo makes us hungrier), and Chase Bank’s logo is blue (this color evokes a sense of logic and balance). Tradition dictates that we dress our brides in white, and decorate pink and red cards for Valentine’s Day.


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4 Social Media Turn-offs That Will Guarantee
Your Company Never Gets a Second Date

Posted by Katy Hart in Social Media | January 17, 2014

Whether it be the art of dating, or the art of social media, there are certain things that are just plain turn-offs. From finding out you had lettuce in your front teeth to not following anyone on social media, it’s easy to inadvertently have your date or audience rolling their eyes. The following are four commonly found social media turn-offs committed by companies:


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12 Company Names and Logos with
Surprisingly Similar Roots

Posted by Katy Hart in Branding | January 10, 2014
Company names with Greek roots

Have you ever wondered how a company got its name? Or how Starbucks chose its mermaid-ish logo? A lot of thought goes into creating a name or logo for a company. Some even go so far as to tap into Greek and Roman mythology – an inspiration for names and logos that turned out to be much more common than I’d imagined. We all know a few obvious ones, such as Nike (the goddess of victory), Goodyear (it’s logo is the winged foot of Hermes), and the countless cars named after mythological characters (Honda Odyssey, Toyota Echo, Ford Mercury). However there are a few others that you may not have caught!


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The Do’s and Don’ts of Blog Writing

Posted by Katy Hart in Content Marketing | January 3, 2014

Ah, the art of blog writing. Many questions arise when you open that blank word document and set off to write your blog masterpiece. Yet ask two writers the same question and there is a good chance you’ll get two very different answers. When it comes to writing blogs, there are few right or wrong answers because most answers you get will sound like, “it depends.” For the most part, though, it does depend. What is “it” you may ask? “It” can be style of writing, length, organization, flow, or any other nuance of a blog not set in stone. However there are a few good rules of thumb to follow when writing a blog.


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Designing For a Younger Web

Posted by Katy Hart in Trendwatch, Web Design | December 27, 2013

By: Hannah Kwan, 4AM Design Intern


Recent surveys indicate that parents typically let children use the Internet at age three, and eighty percent of children between the ages of 0 and 5 in the United States use the Internet on a weekly basis or more. The commonplace use of the Internet by such a young audience will only increase as advances in technology allow kids to access the internet on multiple devices such as computers, Smartphones, and tablets.


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4th Avenue Media Honored by 2013 Ace

Posted by Katy Hart in 4AM Stories | December 20, 2013


Normally we’re pretty humble here at 4th Avenue Media. However this week we gave ourselves a nice pat on the back. Why? Because we won an award! Back in August we entered Ragan Communications and PR Daily’s Ace Awards 2013 in the Business-to-Business category. The winners were announced Wednesday, and we made the cut! See the full list here.

Here’s what the judges had to say about us:

“What stands out is 4th Avenue Media’s code of conduct, created by owner and founder Lucas Mack: DSAT, an acronym that stands for “Do Right, Say Right, Act Right, Think Right.” This code guides the team in seeking out new challenges to find the best fit between their capabilities and their clients’ needs. Team members focus on developing each client’s authentic story and then sharing that story to drive the desired results. In other words, they’re dedicated to the victory of their clients, and it shows.”

The judging criteria included looking for “individuals, agencies and teams that overcame obstacles, did what clients and competitors thought couldn’t be done, got unheard-of results with small budgets and other similar wonders. We looked for communicators we admire and count among our top readers.

We couldn’t be prouder of our team for all the great work they’ve produced this year, and a big thank you to all our wonderful clients without whom we would not exist!

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The End-All-Be-All Guide for Exclamation
Mark Usage

Posted by Katy Hart in Content Marketing | December 13, 2013

The End-All-Be-All Guide for Exclamation Mark Usage

Exclamation marks never really entered my day-to-day thoughts…until one, fateful day:

I have a mutual friend who is a fellow copywriter. One day we exchanged a few Facebook messages just catching up, and he says to me, “First rule of copywriting: exclamation marks are dead.”

This totally threw me off guard. I mean, this is Facebook, every1 knows that writing on your personal Facebook is totes exempt grammar rulz!!!! Okay, so I never actually write like that, but my previous message was indeed filled with exclamation points. I couldn’t help but feel both outdated and slightly embarrassed by his comment. So what if I want you to know that I am really, REALLY excited? If I don’t use exclamation marks, won’t people think I’m grumpy and rude? What if they misread it?


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Using Alternative Social Media for B2B
Companies: Do They Help or Hinder?

Posted by Katy Hart in Content Marketing, Social Media | December 9, 2013

By: Michelle Smith

B2B (business to business) companies in the social networking arena face unique challenges compared to their B2C (business to consumer) counterparts. On the whole, social networking for B2B just simply isn’t as easy as social media marketing done by B2C companies. Business to consumer organizations are only tasked with promoting content that is engaging and valuable to the individual consumer, as opposed to an entire business.

The challenge for B2B is often due to the intangible or complicated nature of their products and services. For example, think about attempting to sell a soda – ideas begin to “flow” pretty quickly. Now think about marketing aluminum to that soda company that will be used to make the soda cans. A bit more difficult, is it not? B2B products and services are typically not as “sexy” as those for B2C, making the value of the content put on social media networks that much more important, and that much more difficult. Since the intended audience for B2B is different, and often harder to reach than that for B2C, don’t be surprised if it takes a little longer to create and nurture a social following. However, this doesn’t mean B2B companies should avoid social media altogether.


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What Does a Modern Day Marketer Look Like?

Posted by Katy Hart in Business, Marketing | November 29, 2013


As an advertising agency we often liken ourselves to tools in a tool belt, ingredients in a recipe, the superheroes in the Avengers, colors of the rainbow, or most commonly, fingers of a fist. What this means is that our team is made up of individuals with unique skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses. Together we come together with well-rounded experiences that make it possible to deliver on the variety of services we offer.

This hasn’t always been the case for marketers and advertisers, however.  In the past, a marketer could get by with just a few key players. This new trend towards leveraging very different skill sets is a part of being a “Modern Marketer.” The range of services a marketing/advertising team offers is now fuller than ever, and is a lush blend between art and science. Visual data design company Lemon.ly used data from a survey for Eloqua Experience 2013 to create this awesome infographic that visually presents this new phenomenon.


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Attention-Grabbing TV Commercials:
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Posted by Katy Hart in Trendwatch, Video | November 21, 2013


There are a lot of hard working advertisers out there putting in sweat, blood, and tears to make a commercial that will grab your attention, even if only for a second. This is no easy task, and advertisers are taking more risks than ever in hopes of breaking into your “stream of consciousness.” So let’s say they accomplish this feat and you actually pay attention to a commercial. Great! But it doesn’t end there. The advertiser needs to know whether or not you liked it (or really if you had an opinion on it at all) and more importantly, if you remembered what it was advertising.

Advertisers face many challenges in earning a consumer’s attention, but are not always successful. If memorable commercials were compared to relationships, they seem to fit into three categories: The One Night Stand, The Stage-4 Clinger, and The One. To demonstrate my point, I have compiled a short list of commercials I think fit each category. Read on and tell me if you agree:


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