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Book Snippet: You Have Power

Posted by admin in Uncategorized | September 6, 2014
lucas mack author

The following is a clip out of Lucas Mack‘s book, Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face.

How does the media have so much power?

The people in the media present themselves as the experts and produce content to an audience that is waiting to receive their stories. At a basic level, you are no different, but the game is changing. The broadcast, mass communication model worked well for television in particular and produced a lot of revenue for each station. A big reason it was so successful was because in the early years of broadcast TV, there weren’t many players in the game. Your options were ABC, NBC, or CBS, or later, FOX. (more…)

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Listen to What Your Customers Really Want
with Real-Time Marketing for B2B

Posted by admin in Marketing | August 29, 2014

As a B2B company, you’ve probably been hearing the buzz about real-time marketing, and how well it’s been working out for the B2C sector. But can it work for you? And what benefits can you take away from this innovative marketing approach? Let’s explore that question and more.

What is Real-Time Marketing?

Your consumers want what they want NOW. By employing a healthy dose of real-time marketing into your overall strategy, you are capitalizing on changing trends, the emergence of new technologies, and the ever-evolving demands of your customers. Building long-term relationships with your customers takes more than old-school marketing. It takes an active listening approach that works on the fly to find out what is effective, why and when. This involves utilizing data to deliver instant messaging through automation in technology so you can quickly respond to what the customer wants via ads and marketing collateral. Because the playing field keeps getting leveled in the B2B marketplace, it becomes more and more important to keep your finger on the pulse of consumer demand. (more…)

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Ad(ding) Customers on Facebook

Posted by admin in Social Media | August 22, 2014

Using Facebook to promote your business is similar to making friends. One does not make friends by sitting in her house alone. One makes friends by interacting with other people who hold similar interests or values. On Facebook that means: sharing interesting content and engaging with your customers and potential customers.

Advertising with Facebook is not required to succeed in this process, but it can assist in building a following on the site, which allows you to directly interact with customers on a regular basis.

What are the different ways to advertise?

From boosted posts, to sidebar ads, Facebook offers a variety of advertising options to grow your Page, drive traffic to your website, or promote a sale or offer. (You can learn more about each specific option here and here).

Regardless of the method, it’s important to make your ad engaging, so customers will pay attention to it, “Like” your page, and/ or share it with their friends.

Appleton Estate Rum, for example, ran an interactive “Be a Better Host” campaign in 2011. By using Facebook to target football and spirits fans, they gained 20,000 new Facebook Fans in a month and saw a 40% increase in newsletter subscribers.

Image Source: ereachconsulting.com

Image Source: ereachconsulting.com


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A Tribute to Adobe Creative Cloud

Posted by admin in Design, Video | August 15, 2014
Image Source: www.premiumbeat.com

Image Source: www.premiumbeat.com

And on the seventh day, God Created Adobe.

Ah Adobe, how we love you. Thanks to you, we have created dazzling videos, delectable graphic design, and scrumptious photos. Our graphic design and video department literally worships you. And although some our clients would be saying, “Adobe-what?” – they worship you too. They just don’t know it. (more…)

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Book Snippet: The Time to be Free is Now

Posted by admin in Marketing | August 8, 2014
lucas mack author

The following is a clip out of Lucas Mack‘s book, Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face.

Up until now, you have never had real control over your life.

Don’t get me wrong, you have made decisions that have led to outcomes, but you only navigated inside the confines of a presumed state of mind.

Without questioning why you believe what you believe and who was the original author of what you believe, you’ve operated under false pretenses that you are “free.”

But in reality, you are not. Without asking the fundamental questions that make up your story, you are like a person who jumps into a river and has no control to navigate against the current. You simply get swept downstream under the power of a preconditioned force. Even when you use your energy to stay afloat, you are operating under a power you didn’t choose for yourself. This is exactly how most people live their lives. Don’t let yourself get swept up in the current without first knowing why you want to jump in and where you want to go. (more…)

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Why Barbie Could be the Death of Girl Scouts

Posted by admin in Branding | August 1, 2014

Mattel recently rolled out a new collection of Barbies, a move that has sparked a nationwide backlash that had groups decrying the dolls before they even hit shelves.

Why? Because this doll is part of Mattel’s $2 million dollar, 3-year deal with Girl Scouts for the iconic group’s “Be Anything, Do Everything” campaign, and people aren’t happy that the new face of Girl Scouts is a doll known for promoting negative body image in young girls.


Image Source: brandchannel.com

This isn’t the first time Barbie’s been at the front of controversy: she’s gotten criticism for everything from being too racy and too ditzy, and now she’s being attacked for being a role model. (more…)

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Making a Case for B2B Design: Why it Matters
More Than You Think

Posted by admin in Design | July 25, 2014

Design has something that no other marketing aspect can boast: an instantaneous effect. Whether a picture, illustration, or graphic, the visual nature of design lends itself to being seen (and judged) within seconds.

Design can either slap you in the face with visual awesomeness, or make your skin crawl with disgust. The design that garners a second glance from a consumer means it already has an advantage on the competition.

Consumers coming into contact with your company for the first time form impressions based on the quality of your website, the design of your packaging, the clarity of your signage, etc. If you can’t win them over (or at least pique their interest) with design, can you really expect them to want to dig deeper? (more…)

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Addressing America’s Skill Gap and 5 Ways
Manufacturers Can Use Marketing to Overcome it

Posted by admin in Marketing | July 19, 2014

While many are bemoaning a still-struggling job market, the manufacturing industry is facing the opposite problem.

A 2012 study conducted by Deloitte LLP showed there are over half a million unfilled jobs in manufacturing, and according to the Pew Research Center, 10,000 baby boomers will pass retirement age, every day, for the next 15 years.

With this decrease in experienced employees and increase in available jobs comes one of the biggest struggles the manufacturing industry is currently facing: a high demand for skilled workers and an incoming workforce lacking the necessary skills and technical knowledge.

Not being able to fill this gap is only a catalyst for bigger issues: an inability to stay competitive in the global market, a disinclination to bring production back to North America because workers aren’t skilled enough.

And what’s being blamed? Four-year college programs. (more…)

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Spread the Word!
3 Companies Who are Nailing Word of Mouth
Marketing and How You Can, Too

Posted by admin in Marketing | July 11, 2014

When it comes to increasing brand awareness or enlarging your client base, a good marketing plan is essential. But while a good marketing plan usually requires a renovated website, updated approach to social media, or increased advertising, sometimes you can pass off the legwork to someone else: your clients.

How? Through word of mouth marketing.

These types of campaigns allow you to increase your outreach and potential clients with minimal effort. While you won’t be foregoing any traditional marketing moves, word of mouth lets other people spread awareness for you. (more…)

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Happy 4th of July from the Team at 4AM!

Posted by Katy Hart in Uncategorized | July 2, 2014


Victory and America are two words that you hear often in the halls of 4th Avenue Media, so its a natural fit that the 4th of July is our favorite holiday. We hope that you and your family enjoy a safe and fun Independence Day weekend! To help you celebrate, we’ve made some fun background downloads for you to enjoy:

Desktop Background

Tablet Background

iPhone 5 Background

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