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From Drab to Fab: B2B Companies Who
Have Overcome the “Boring” Stereotype

Posted by admin in Business, Marketing, Uncategorized | May 2, 2014

As a business-to-business marketing and communications firm, 4th Avenue Media helps B2B companies develop their story and generate useful content to provide to their customers. The challenge of this task is that the B2B industry can at times be dense with information that isn’t readily known by the average person. When this happens, the company may pick up an unfortunate “boring” stereotype. As a marketer, this poses a unique challenge. We have to overcome this hurdle and communicate with their audience in a way that resonates with them.


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Being Your Authentic Self

Posted by Katy Hart in Branding, Free Downloads, Marketing, Trendwatch | April 25, 2014


“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.”

Eckhart Tolle

At 4th Avenue Media, we believe that only when you develop and articulate your authentic story can you grow to your full market potential, which fosters genuine and reliable client relationships. When we engage with a client, we work with them to discover their true brand, and then we develop that brand visually and through story, and distribute it out to the client’s audience. What does this add up to? Authenticity. Loyalty. Truth.


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Rebranding Manufacturing for
Future Generations

Posted by admin in America, Branding, Business, Video | April 11, 2014

At 4th Avenue Media, we’re always looking for news and events within the manufacturing industry. Because our beautiful state of Washington is filled with incredible manufacturing companies in cities such as Kent, Tacoma, Federal Way, Renton, Redmond, Woodinville, Bothell, and Everett, industry news isn’t too hard to come by. However when we find something particularly awesome, we love to share it with others.

Not too long ago I came across a video made by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) via Twitter, titled “What Manufacturing Means to America.” This video showcased (more…)

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The Frozen Frenzy: Why Disney’s False Sell
Was the Most Brilliant Marketing Move Ever

Posted by admin in Marketing, Trendwatch | March 28, 2014

It’s been over three months since the debut of Disney’s newest animated film Frozen, yet the movie is still generating buzz. Happy children playing the soundtrack on repeat, pleasantly surprised parents who told their friends about it, countless parodies of “Let It Go,” and perhaps John Travolta are just a few reasons why.

Yet amidst the glowing reviews and the A+ rating from Cinema Score, many were disgruntled by the stark contrast between the silly, kid-friendly trailers and the female-centric, musical film. Why would Disney advertise the movie in a way that just seemed… false? As it turns out, they did it on purpose. And it worked. (more…)

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6 Easy Steps to
Prospect (and Sell) on LinkedIn

Posted by admin in Business, Content Marketing, Marketing, Social Media | March 21, 2014

When we manage social media for clients, a common question we hear is:

“So, how can I actually make a sale from LinkedIn?”

Using social media as a platform for selling can be tough, however LinkedIn provides a plethora of resources to make this process easier. The tools and advantages LinkedIn has for prospecting are there, but it takes a bit of work.

Here are six easy steps anyone can follow to gain real, valuable prospects and eventually, make a sale.


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Saying Farewell to Two Awesome Interns

Posted by Katy Hart in 4AM Stories, Uncategorized | March 14, 2014

Goodbye, au revoir, adios, arrivaderci, sayonara… they all mean the same thing. Yet, no matter how you say it, goodbye’s are always hard. Yet, they also provide an opportunity for us to reflect on what it is we’re saying goodbye to.

It’s been an awesome couple of months with these two, and we’re sad to see them go. On this momentous day, we wanted to use this blog to share their thoughts about their experience here.


Interns Hannah Kwan and Rajah Anderson on their last day

Interns Hannah Kwan and Rajah Anderson on their last day


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More Than Movies: Pepsi Mini Wins the Award
for Most Relevant Commercial

Posted by admin in Marketing, News, Trendwatch | March 7, 2014


There was a lot going on last Sunday at the Oscars. From pizza to selfies, the 2014 Academy Awards were a night to remember. Having the second largest viewership for an individual television event after the Super Bowl, the night is always a hot commodity for advertising space. The price was raised to nearly $1.8 million per 30-second spot, but that didn’t stop Pepsi from buying an exclusive soft-drink sponsorship for the event.


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Why You Should Consider Adding Pinterest to Your Marketing Tool Bag

Posted by admin in Social Media | February 28, 2014

When you think of a traditional bulletin board, images of community centers and schools that are boasting flyers galore may come to mind. Yet in this digital age, bulletin boards now have a whole new meaning and purpose. Thanks to Pinterest, virtual cork boards have become a community hub for sharing recipes, DIY crafts, fashion, and much more. Both individuals and businesses alike can utilize Pinterest to share expertise, feature products, and highlight culture.

While Pinterest may not be for every company, don’t write it off before you’ve given it some thought. Having surpassed Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn for referral traffic, Pinterest has become the dark horse of social media. Pinterest is the third largest social media platform with 85 million unique visitors per month, and it’s influence is growing.

Versatile and aesthetically appealing, there are many ways to use Pinterest your advantage.


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3 Easy Online Security Tips for Every
Digital Marketer

Posted by admin in Marketing, Social Media | February 21, 2014

It may seem like common sense, but subpar online security is one of the easiest ways a digital marketer can damage, embarrass or compromise a company. As a digital marketer, you are in charge of your company’s brand in the online space.

And it’s a big space. You have to keep up with frequently changing best practices, algorithms from Google and more. You have to stay in the know and ahead of the competition when it comes to utilizing the newest and trendiest social networks. You have to constantly create engaging ways to interact with customers and increase brand awareness.

You have a lot to do.

Just make sure you’re also utilizing more advanced tips for online security when it comes to protecting your brand. There are too many instances of brands falling prey to embarrassing online faux pas. And a company-wide computer security breach could be catastrophic – for the business and your career.

Protect yourself and your company. Use these three security tips to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay safe online.


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Love: Pinterest Style

Posted by Katy Hart in Social Media | February 14, 2014


Love is in the air… but mostly on Pinterest. The pinboard style photo-sharing site is a DYI-er’s paradise, and ever since its inception, crafty folk everywhere are raising the bar for cute and clever gift ideas. Valentine’s Day makes the perfect DIY candidate, as evidenced by boards full of candy puns and paper flowers. Pinterest shows us how to make gifts personable, unique, and memorable – something that as marketers, we strive to do every day. Take a moment to check out some Valentine’s Day Pinterest boards and you may surprise yourself with a newfound affinity for mason jars or paper mache.


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