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Happy Holidays from 4AM

Posted by admin in Uncategorized | December 23, 2014
Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a very merry, jolly, delicious, fun, and relaxing holiday season!

Please note, our hours will be reduced during the holiday weeks:

Christmas Eve: closed at 2pm

Christmas Day: closed

New Years Day: closed

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New Year’s Traditions Across the Globe

Posted by admin in Marketing | December 19, 2014
4AM New Years

We all know how this holiday plays out. You get together with friends, go to parties, plan out your new years kiss, watch the ball drop on TV in Times Square, count down from 10, throw confetti, and stay up way too late.

Basically, New Year’s Eve in the U.S. is nothing more than one giant marketing tool for NYC and an excuse to kiss a stranger. But, just for fun, let’s take a look at some other New Year’s traditions from around the globe: (more…)

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Very Merry Holiday Wallpaper

Posted by admin in Design | December 12, 2014

When it comes to the seasonal holidays, we always look forward to creating wallpaper backgrounds to express our holiday spirit. So it only makes sense that in December we give you a festive, jubilant, merry, and all around awesome wallpaper for your desktop or mobile (or both!). (more…)

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday
Email Marketing

Posted by admin in Marketing | December 5, 2014
Holiday Email Marketing

Fall sweaters are unpacked, the days are getting shorter, and the faint sound of Christmas music slowly weaving itself into your daily soundtrack. What does this all add up to?

It’s time for the holidays!

But before you curl up next to your fire with a hot cup of cocoa, make sure your business is taking some time to plan your holiday email marketing strategy. Email marketing continues to be one of the most widely used B2B marketing tools and is therefore not to be forgotten. (more…)

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Examining Black Friday’s Origin

Posted by admin in Branding | November 26, 2014

Image Source: talkandroid.com

It seems that each year, Thanksgiving becomes less about giving and more about taking. Why? Because of Black Friday. Somehow hordes of us drag our turkey filled bodies out of bed at ungodly hours to get things we probably don’t need. Some even argue we may not even be saving money at all.

Black Friday has become so prominent in our culture that it’s influencing companies’ entire selling strategy, and surely retailers such as Best Buy pour a lot of time into preparing for the big day.

Yet, does anyone really know how Black Friday got its start? Because this tradition has such a strong hold in our country, we thought it’d be worth looking into. Turns out, there’s a bit more to Black Friday than we thought. (more…)

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How to Write About Something You Know
Nothing About

Posted by admin in Content Marketing and Copywriting | November 21, 2014
content marketing

As a content marketer, you’re sometimes faced with the challenge of having to write creative, compelling, and persuasive content for clients in niche industries. Especially when the client is on the newer side, you may often find yourself thinking, “how will I ever learn enough about this subject to be able to write knowledgably about it?” Sometimes the topic will be so obscure, you’ll swear it’s from some make-believe foreign language that nobody could ever possibly explain. Sound familiar?

So what’s a content marketer to do when needed to construct compelling copy about pallet strapping, insulation qualities of rigid polyurethane foam, or a computerized maintenance management system? (more…)

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Manufacturing, The Generations
and Why, What & How

Posted by admin in Marketing | November 14, 2014

The following was written by 4th Avenue Media’s Principal and Founder, Lucas Mack:

The WWII generation is commonly called the “Greatest Generation”. Why? Because they lived sacrifice. They all came together for a common cause – it was their Why, their purpose. Their life became a cause, and because of that, the level of American living was elevated, and consequently, that of the world was, too.

But then their children came along, “The Baby boomers” and that generation didn’t quite understand the Why, but they did know the What and so they perfected the What, by focusing on production and output. But what happens when you focus only on the What, is that discontent arises, hence the riots and divisions during the late 60’s and early 70’s. These were based on numerous issues because we forgot about the Why and lost the inspiration that had brought us together just one generation earlier. (more…)

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Why Manufacturing is Thriving in Washington

Posted by admin in Marketing | November 7, 2014
4th avenue media manufacturing

One of the underlying goals of any company is simple: to thrive. And according to the 2014 McGladrey Manufacturing & Distribution Monitor survey, 36% of the 920 participating executives felt their businesses were thriving — a 5% jump from the 2013 report, and a whopping 27% jump from 2009’s lowly 9% courtesy of the recession. A readily increasing growth in our hard economic times filled with subpar customer demand and high commodity prices means these “thriving” companies are doing something right. (more…)

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Pet Costume Contest: The Results

Posted by admin in Marketing | October 31, 2014
pet costume contest

At 4th Avenue Media, we love patriots and we love pets. What better way to highlight both of those, than by hosting a pet costume contest that benefits a great cause?

Pets for Patriots® pairs veterans with at-risk shelter dogs or cats, and strives to “end animal homelessness in the U.S. and enrich the lives of the men and women who serve, and have served our country.”

In an effort to support this great cause, we sounded the Victory alarm, and you responded! We said that we would donate $.50 to Pets for Patriots, for every costumed pet photo submission we received on our Facebook page. (more…)

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The “70/20/10” Rule: Drive Content Forward
and Keep Your Audience Along for the Ride

Posted by admin in Content Marketing and Copywriting | October 24, 2014
70-20-10 rule

Simply put, the “70/20/10” rule refers to the rough balance you should aim to maintain regarding content generation: Proven, stable content (70%); trending, and typically more engaging, content (20%); and untested, experimental content (10%).

Not every creative avenue follows, nor necessarily needs to follow, this formula. To get a better perspective on this particular measure of content take a look at HGTV’s House Hunters International (or “H-H-I!” as my mother has endearingly dubbed it). You’ll quickly know what a “100/0/0” formula looks like. Anyone can watch an episode from last week then a rerun from the second season without batting an eye, because the show is consistent. At the end of the day, “H-H-I!” will still feature its standard blend of adults dissatisfied with a guest bathroom’s particular shade of blue.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are examples akin to All My Children. That soap opera had so many twists and turns you wouldn’t be able to skip an episode without missing two affairs, one pregnancy, and half a dozen cringe-worthy slaps. One might call this a “25/25/50” formula.

While each show’s respective content formula might work for them in their field, there is a reason why successful online content marketing abides by the “70/20/10” combination: (more…)

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