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If you haven’t read the latest from our CEO, Lucas Mack, go and do that first. I’ll wait right here. Pay attention to the culture of your workplace, and actively shape it into a culture of peace, which enables a culture of inspiration. “Since you spend most of your life where you work, don’t you…

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Henry Ford’s remarkable success might be partially due to the fact that he lived in a nation and an era poised for industrial revolution. We believe, though, that it takes a lot more than someone being in the right place at the right time to achieve the success that Henry Ford did. We believe his…

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This year, I’ve become a father of three… and all three kids are four and under. Sleeping four consecutive hours has become a luxury. Trying to focus on my priorities while holding a crying baby in my arms, helping my two-year-old get dressed and listening to my four-year-old sing her favorite song all at the…

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4th Avenue Media’s Videographer, Spencer Kabelac, didn’t think he’d end up behind the camera – he entered college dreaming of being on broadcast television. “I thought I wanted to be a reporter, and tell stories in front of the camera,” he says. “But I became fascinated with the craft of storytelling behind the scenes.” In…

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