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Stories are all around us every single day. From the beginning of time, humans have passed information along through stories, either verbally or visually. The methods of storytelling have come a long way since cave drawings, but the concept remains the same: storytelling is at the heart of humanity. But what does storytelling have to do with marketing?

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Written by Lucas Mack, posted in Lucas Mack on

Life has a funny way of disrupting expectations. Our minds develop a desire for success, happiness, and bliss. We strive to get to “a place” where easy is the norm and struggle and heartache are far from our reality. But, why is that? Immerse yourself with gratitude for the journey in all of life’s ups and downs.

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There is a type of leader that is lacking in our companies. This type of leader has been overlooked as an example to be aspired to, and can sometimes appear soft and weak in contrast to the type of leadership that is praised by many in our current culture. However this leader is needed now more than ever – the servant leader.

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