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Employee Engagement Program

4th Avenue Media’s Revolutionary Supply Co. program is specifically designed to equip companies with the tools they need to ignite and preserve a healthy company culture while inspiring employees to do their best work. The formula is simple: revolutionary gear + onsite inspiration sessions = workplace victory!


Motivated Mornings Video Series

Does your team need a shock to the system? Do they need one on a regular basis but can’t spare the time to attend an event? With the Motivated Mornings video series, you get the best of 4th Avenue Media’s Motivated Mornings events delivered straight to your inbox each month. These regular installments of inspiring content are guaranteed to put some fire back into your workplace.


Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face

This book was written to make you successful in the pursuit of your dreams. Giving you the tools and understanding to ensure you withstand the hits that will inevitably occur in life, CEO and Founder of 4th Avenue Media Lucas Mack has written a powerful tool to inspire and empower you towards victory.

Download a free excerpt from the book here.