We are an inspiration firm.

We believe inspired people inspire people, and in order to inspire, you must share your Why with passion to everyone who encounters your business. By focusing on two audiences – employees and customers – we help your brand build relationships with both to decrease turnover and drive sales.

In order for a relationship to be built with your brand, your audience must know, like, and trust you. All that happens when your brand is consistent and authentic. By developing your authentic story, we help your company articulate it’s core reason for being, which translates into a more profitable business based on deeper customer and employees relationships.


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Our Brand Story



In an incredibly short amount of time, you guys rolled out our refreshing new brand look and feel, new design assets, a seamless and innovative new website that brought us into the modern age, not to mention the many other random asks we had for you.We’ve heard nothing but great feedback across everything.
Just wanted to say how deeply grateful we are for your creative talent, your innovation, and customer service. You guys are just amazing to work with. At Bear Creek we couldn’t be advancing at the rate we’re advancing without your support. We couldn’t do it without you. You have upped our game.
What 4th Avenue Media brings to the table is the ability to help keep us organized about the various projects we have in work. Communication, product development, market research, whatever it takes. 4th Avenue Media helps keep us organized and our priorities correct to get these things done in a logical and strategically tied-in way.


Our Promise

Full of Purpose and Passion. We place a high priority on carefully hiring people with a passion to serve, the ability to collaborate, a mission to tell stories, and a desire to build strong relationships.

When we take on a client, it’s as if we are working on our own brand. Do unto others is our motto, and way of life.


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About Us

the inspired story

Founded in August 2008 by TV Reporter Lucas Mack, 4th Avenue Media was created to help companies define their authentic story and boldly share it with an audience of impassioned and inspired people, who in turn become brand advocates. Joining him in his pursuit of victory was a talented team of marketing professionals, journalists, graphic designers, video producers, and digital analysts, who shared his vision of seeing inspired companies building deeper relationships with both customers and employees.

Now more than a decade later, 4th Avenue Media serves companies nationwide looking to differentiate themselves from their competition by clearly communicating their purpose and inspiring customers and employees around the brand story of a company. As a full service brand and creative agency, 4th Avenue Media ignites your company to stand out from the crowd and attract the right growth.

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